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Industrial line

Zero odor line to abate odors from organic substances in various areas, including the treatment of industrial waste and waste from food processing.

We have designed odor-eliminating solutions most congruent with customer needs, enhancing our products with custom-designed misting systems, from the small laboratory to the large waste processing industry.

Waste treatment

The revolutionary answer to the problems of odor from waste and scrap in industries and professional settings, preferring environmentally friendly raw materials and environmentally friendly products.


Solid waste

Concentrated formula for removing odors from organic waste in food processing industries and waste treatment companies.


Liquid waste

Specific formula for the treatment of waste leachate and wash water in pharmaceutical companies. The product does not alter the value of waste.


Disintegrating agent for chemical toilets

Super concentrated formula (blue opaque) to remove odors from wastewater container. Does not create foam and is compatible with collection processes.


Dumpster washing

Specific formula for solving the problem of odors propagating from civil and industrial waste containers. The formula is compatible with the processes of sewage collection plants.


Street washing

Product for cleaning, sanitizing and removing odors from streets, sidewalks, mercantile areas, outdoor areas
and playgrounds.


Vehicle washing

A product designed to clean, sanitize and remove odors from inside waste collection bins.


For this sector, we have created Multiva HACCP, a product that completely disrupts the organic biofilm that is created on surfaces, removing both grease and processing residues, leaving surfaces clean and impervious to bacteria. The Multiva Agribusiness line complies with current HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and SSOP (Sanitation Standard operating procedures) regulations.


Surfaces used for food processing

Specific product for treating food contact surfaces in compliance with HACCP and FOODGRADE regulations. It completely eliminates organic biofilm, where pathogenic bacteria lurk. Used daily, the product eliminates odors from processing residues and leaves surfaces clean and sanitized.

- Fruit and vegetable processing
- Meat processing
- Fish processing
- Dairy processing
- Wine processing


CIP (Clean In Place) automatic washing systems

A product for cleaning closed-circuit systems. It does not generate foam, is rinseable and is effective even at low concentrations. The production of beverages or liquids tends to cause organic residues that are difficult to remove and therefore the use of specialized cleaning solutions is essential. The use of Multiva Impianti CIP, which is effective but not aggressive, ensures safe cleaning at low cost and preserves the plant for a long time.

- Wine Sector
- Beverage Sector
- Dairy Sector


Herd sanitizer

Multiva ensures a clean environment, ensuring the physical well-being, growth and productivity of animals with the reduction of drug treatments.

Are you looking for a different product?

We can provide cleaning products and specific equipment upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!